Saskatchewan CPD 2017/2018: Industry Updates Course
3 units - Tuition: $250 [register]

The Saskatchewan CPD 2017/2018 ; Industry Updates Course (the "Course") is an online course that is hosted by the UBC Sauder Real Estate Division that was originally created by the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS®. The Course was created for registrants renewing their registration for the registration period of July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018.

The overall objective of the Course is to provide registrants with current and comprehensive information such as legislative changes, compliance issues, legal updates, elements of risk reduction, and professional standards. The overall CPD program is in place to improve the professional image of registrants, to improve public protection, and to reduce potential claims against registrants.

The Course is divided into four components:

  • Unit 1 - Legal Update
  • Unit 2 - Legislation and Regulation Updates
  • Unit 3 - Professionalism
  • Final Assessment

Each of the three modules is made up of a lesson that includes written text (as a PDF) and a unit quiz. You must obtain a mark of 60% or higher on each unit quiz. Units must be completed in order. The Final Assessment will follow the completion of Unit 3. Registrants must obtain a mark of 70% or higher on the Final Assessment. Once this has been done, the registrant will be provided with a completion letter.

Depending upon the level of experience and familiarity with the course content, the Course could take a learner between three to six hours to complete.

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