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Course Description and Outline

SALPSI 001: PAMA - Insurance for Strata Managers
4 lessons | Self-Study Course - tuition: $150 [register]

The Professional Association of Managing Agents' Insurance for Strata Managers course is intended to be a review of the basic operation, components, and clauses of the typical insurance policies taken out by strata corporations.  This course will also discuss additional insurance coverages a strata corporation may utilize to supplement the minimum insurance coverage required by the Strata Property Act. In addition, this course will provide the opportunity to consider the practical and administrative issues a strata corporation faces in meeting its obligation to maintain adequate levels of insurance. The course is divided into four lessons, highlighting Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Other insurance, and Premiums and Deductibles.

This course provides 6 credits for Real Estate Board PDP. Completion of this course will not satisfy your Real Estate Council Relicensing Education Program (REP) requirements.

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