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Course Description and Outline

REPCRS032018: PAMA – Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update for Rental Managers 2018
4 lessons | Self-Study Course - tuition: $275 [register]

The Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update - Rental Managers 2018 Course is delivered in partnership by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, the Professional Association of Managing Agents, and the UBC Sauder Real Estate Division. This Course fulfills the Real Estate Council’s Relicensing Education Program ("REP") requirement, which must be fulfilled by licensees before they apply to renew their licence. This Course is a hybrid-delivery course consisting of an initial online component, delivered by the UBC Sauder Real Estate Division, and a subsequent classroom component, delivered by the Professional Association of Managing Agents. In order to fulfil the REP requirement, both the online component and the classroom component of the Course must be successfully completed. You must complete the online component of the Course at least 7 days before the date scheduled for the classroom component of the Course; otherwise, you will not be eligible to attend the classroom component and fulfill your REP requirement. The online component consists of a number of modules, each with a video, a set of readings, and a quiz, which must be passed to complete the course. You will also be required to complete a number of other assessments as part of the online component. One of the last requirements of the online component is to read the Case Studies document, which will be the focus of the classroom component of the Course. In the classroom, you will take what you have learned in the online component and apply it in groups to the case studies. The instructor of the classroom component will be your facilitator, walking you through the case studies and answering questions along the way.

This course provides 1 full day credit for relicensing purposes and 6 credits for Real Estate Board PDP.

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