Phase 2: Property Management as a Professional Career Course Manual

Table of Contents

UBC Real Estate Division. 2021. Phase 2: Property Management as a Professional Career Course Manual. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Property Management

Residential Property Management
Commercial and Industrial Property Management
Shopping Centres
The Management Agreement
Appendix 1.1: Sample Property Management Agreement

Chapter 2: The Law and Property Management

A Review of Some Common Law Principles
Commercial and Residential Tenancies and the Law
Terminating Tenancies
Resolving Tenancy Disputes
The Real Estate Act
Miscellaneous Topics and Provincial Legislation
Appendix 2.1: Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement
Appendix 2.2: Sample Rental Unit Condition Report
Appendix 2.3: Disclosure of Interest in Trade form

Chapter 3: Leases and Tenancy Agreements

The Nature of the Relationship
Types of Tenancies
The Essential Elements of a Lease
Non-Residential Leases
Non-Residential Leases and their Interpretation
Lease Negotiation
Appendix 3.1: Landlord's MLS® Brokerage Contract
Appendix 3.2: In-House Exclusive Landlord's Brokerage Contract
Appendix 3.3: Lease Data Input Form
Appendix 3.3: Offer to Lease

Chapter 4: Market Research and Tenant Selection

The Marketing Plan
Market Analysis
Tenant Selection
Appendix 4.1: Sample Application for Tenancy

Chapter 5: Financial Statements, Accounting, and Budgets

Forms of Organization
Importance of Financial Reporting
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Financial Statements
Income Tax Return
Analyzing Financial Statements
Trust Accounting
The Operating Budget
The Capital Budget
The Monthly Operating Statement
Appendix 5.1: Tenant Roll Form
Appendix 5.2: Tenant Arrears Report Form
Appendix 5:3: Example of Tenant Ledger

Chapter 6: Management and Administrative Procedures

Developing Policies and Procedures
Appendix 6.1: Sample Lease Summary Form
Appendix 6.2: Sample Leasing Progress Report
Appendix 6.3: Sample Landlord-Tenant Work Schedule
Appendix 6.4: Sample Job Description – Maintenance Manager
Appendix 6.5: Sample Performance Appraisal Forms

Chapter 7: Physical and Operational Property Management

Physical Management and Maintenance Programs
Security and Safety
Energy Conservation
Environmental Protection and Hazardous Materials
Appendix 7.1: Sample Maintenance Staff Daily Maintenance Log
Appendix 7.2: Sample Mechanical Preventive Maintenance Control Sheet
Appendix 7.3: Sample Daily Maintenance Log
Appendix 7.4: Sample Suggested Daily Duties for Routine Maintenance of Common Areas
Appendix 7.5: Sample Lamp Inventory Control Sheet and Sample Inventory of Lighting Fixtures

Chapter 8: Professional Conduct and Risk Management

Communication and Ethics in Property Management
Professionalism and Risk Management
Insurance and Risk Management

Chapter 9: The Property Management Plan

Property Management Planning
Residential Case Study: Popular Towers
Commercial Case Study: Our Property Investment (OPI) Building