Phase 2: Farm Real Estate as a Professional Career Course Manual

Table of Contents

UBC Real Estate Division. 2022. Phase 2: Farm Real Estate as a Professional Career Course Manual. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

Chapter 1: Agriculture in Saskatchewan

Organization of the Agriculture Industry
Agriculture in Saskatchewan
Crop Selection and Production Areas
Crop Management
Livestock Operations
Food, Crop, and Beverage Processing

Chapter 2: Climate, Soil, And Water

Saskatchewan's Weather, Climate, and Agriculture
Water and Water Systems
Water Wells
Septic Systems - Wastewater Management Systems
Other Utilities
Appendix 2.1: Well Record Form

Chapter 3: Legislation, Taxation, and Financing

Farm Land Tenure or Ownership
The Family Farm Business
Agricultural Crown Land Policies
Saskatchewan Legislation and Programs
Federal Legislation
Real Property Assessment and Taxation
Appendix 3.1: Consent of Non-Owning Spouse
Appendix 3.2: Certificate of Acknowledgement
Appendix 3.3: Certificate of Solicitor
Appendix 3.4: Current Percentages of Value for Various Types of Property

Chapter 4: Environmental Concerns

The Nature of Contamination
Environmental Law in Saskatchewan
Determination of Liability
Environmental Risk Management
Duty to Report
Selected Environmental Issues in Agriculture and Farming
Financial Considerations of Contamination

Chapter 5: Representing the Buyer

A Note on the Saskatchewan Realtors® Association
The Selling Process
Prospecting For Buyers
Qualifying the Buyer
Qualifying Needs
Qualifying and Financing Options
Agency Disclosure
The Buyer's Kit
Market Information
Ancillary Services in the Purchase of Residential Real Estate
Locating Property, Offer Preparation, and Closing
Buyer Agency
Dual Agency (With Limitations)/Limited Dual Agency
The Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage Contract
Contract Amendment, Withdrawal, and Cancellation Forms
Tips for Minimizing Risk with the Buyer
Evaluating Farm Property
Establishing Market Value
Approaches to Value
Cost Approach

Chapter 6: Representing the Seller

The Listing Process – Prospecting For Listings
Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Mere Postings
Contract Amendment, Withdrawal and Cancellation Forms
Communicating with the Seller

Chapter 7: Contract of Purchase and Sale

A Review of the Process

Chapter 8: Managing Risk

Risk Management – A Basic Approach
Managing Risk – Agricultural Properties