Phase 2: Commerical Real Estate as a Professional Career Course Manual

Table of Contents

UBC Real Estate Division. 2022. Phase 2: Commercial Real Estate as a Professional Career Course Manual. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Brokerage: An Overview
Commercial Specializations
Ownership of Commercial Real Estate

Chapter 2: Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Risk Management in Commercial Real Estate

Ethics, Professionalism, and Regulatory Requirements
Liability in Commercial Real Estate
Risk Management in Commercial Real Estate
Disclosures of Interest in Trade
Additional Competencies in Commercial Real Estate Sales
Appendix 2.1: Example of Completed Disclosure of Interest in Trade for the Aquisition of a Property
Appendix 2.2: Example of Completed Disclosure of Interest in Trade for the Disposal of a Property

Chapter 3: Representing the Seller or Landlord

Seller Agency Relationship
Marketing Proposals
Establishing Property Value
Listing Documentation
Marketing the Listing
Appendix 3.1: Seller's MLS® Brokerage Contract
Appendix 3.2: Commercial Data Input Form

Chapter 4: Representing the Buyer or Tenant

Buyer Agency Relationship
Role of a Buyer/Tenant Representative
Buyer/Tenant Representation Proposals
Buyer/Tenant Representation Responsibilities
Appendix 4.1: Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage Contract
Appendix 4.2: Commercial Limited Dual Agency Acknowledgement Form

Chapter 5: Introduction to Commercial Leasing

Fundamentals of Commercial Leasing
Lease Documentation
Drafting the Offer to Lease
Appendix 5.1: Landlord's MLS® Brokerage Contract
Appendix 5.2: Lease Saskatchewan MLS® Data Input Form
Appendix 5.3: Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® Offer to Lease
Appendix 5.4: Sample Clauses in Commercial Leasing Documents

Chapter 6: Retail Leasing

Locating Retail Properties
Components of a Shopping Centre
Retail Lease Clauses
Retail Leasing Risks

Chapter 7: Selling a Business

Foundations of Selling a Business
Key Components of the Business Sale
Business Valuation Concepts
Due Diligence
Drafting the Agreement
Case Study 7.1: Anglers Sports Gear

Chapter 8: Industrial Real Estate

Types of Industrial Properties
Industrial Market Overview
Industrial Valuation
Design/Build Tenants
Case Study 8.1: Investor Returns in Citytown
Case Study 8.2: KKG Southgate Relocation
Appendix 8.1: Community Profile Example: Citytown

Chapter 9: Real Estate Investment

Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Investment Decisions
Strategies for Real Estate Investment Entities
Controlling Investment Risk
Regulatory Environment

Chapter 10: Foundations of Financing Commercial Real Estate Investments

Time Value of Money
Canadian Mortgages

Chapter 11: Mortgages and Commercial Real Estate

Mortgage Terminology
Financing and Buyer Strategies
Impact of Brokerage and Other Costs
Mortgage Underwriting
Alternate Sources of Mortgage Loans

Chapter 12: Commercial Offer to Purchase

Fundamentals of the Offer to Purchase
Drafting the Offer
Appendix 12.1: Sample Contract of Purchase and Sale
Appendix 12.2: Sample Clauses

Chapter 13: Green Buildings

Elements of Building Green
Rating Green Buildings
The Business Case for Green Value
Green Real Estate Challenges

Chapter 14: Area Measurement

Direct Measurement of Space
Evolution of Space Measurement Standards
Building Measurement Concepts and Terminology
BOMA 2010 and 2017 – New Concepts and Terminology
Industrial Building Measurement
Retail Property Measurement