Practice of Condominium Management

Table of Contents

UBC Real Estate Division. 2022. Practice of Condominium Management Practice Manual. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

Chapter 1: Condominium Governance

Who Buys Condominiums?
The Condominium Corporation
How a Condominium Corporation is Governed
Condominium Management
Effective Group Decision Making
Bylaws and Rules
Right of Entry
Legal Proceedings

Chapter 2: The Condominium Property Act

The Condominium Property Act and the Condominium Property Regulation
Provisions Under the Condominium Property Act
Other Acts

Chapter 3: Condominium Management Service Agreements

Service Agreements
Minimum Service Agreement Requirements
Additional Condominium Management Service Agreement Requirements
Law of Agency
Managing the Agency Relationship
Advising on Project Management
Understanding Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 4: Condominium Meetings and Communications

General Meetings of Owners
Setting the Agenda
Board Meetings and Hearings
Meetings in General
Managing the Board’s Expectations
Effective Communication
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Techniques

Chapter 5: Building Operations

Maintenance and Repairs
Managing Operating Expenses
Developing an Operations Manual
Energy Conservation

Chapter 6: Building Safety and Security

Developing a Security and Safety Program
Building Security
Security Personnel
Liaison with Public Safety Officials
Environmental Law and Real Estate
Environmental Audit Analysis

Chapter 7: Accounting and Financial Statements

Operating Funds and the Operating Budget
Reserve Funds and Reserve Fund Budgeting
Accounting Principles
Financial Statements
Condominium Board Responsibilities

Chapter 8: Reserve Fund

Reserve Fund
Reserve Fund Study
Reserve Fund Report
Reserve Fund Plan
Contributions to the Reserve Fund
Operating Accounts

Chapter 9: Working with Service Providers

Methods of Procurement
Controlling Risk
Disputing an Invoice
Alternatives to Litigation
Remedies for Breach of Contract

Chapter 10: Human Rights and Occupational Health and Safety

Human Rights in Condominium Management
Human Rights in Personnel Management
Human Rights Complaints
Occupational Health and Safety
Mental Health and Well-Being
Professional Development

Chapter 11: Insurance and Risk Management

Insurable Interest
Insurance Coverage for a Condominium Corporation
Property Insurance
Liability Insurance
Notification of Insurance Coverage Changes
Insurance Coverage for Condominium Managers and Brokerages
Making a Claim Against a Condominium Corporation Policy
Risk Management
Assessing and Mitigating the Risks

Chapter 12: Principles of Natural Justice and Enforcement

Duties of Board Members, the Corporation, and Owners
Remedies under the CPA Against the Board
Remedies of a Corporation Against an Owner or Tenant
Remedies of an Owner Against Another Owner
Municipal and Provincial Oversight

Chapter 13: Documents and Records

Brokerage Records
Records and Documents of the Condominium Corporation

Chapter 14: Working with Developers and Interim Boards

What Does the Developer Do?
Developer Obligations on Sale of Units
Interim Boards
Turning Over the Project