Fundamentals of Condominium Management

Table of Contents

UBC Real Estate Division. 2022. Fundamentals of Condominium Management Course Manual. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Condominium Management

History of Condominium Legislation in Alberta
Definition and Creation of Condominiums
Who Buys Condominiums?
Categories of Condominiums
Housing Cooperatives and Homeowner’s Associations
The Condominium Concept
Governance of a Condominium
Condominium Management in Alberta
Managing the Condominium Complex
Fundamentals of Law

Chapter 2: Regulation of Condominium Managers and the Real Estate Council of Alberta

RECA’s Organizational Structure
Alberta Real Estate Foundation
Licensing Requirements
Classes of Licences

Chapter 3: The Real Estate Act, Rules, Bylaws, And Licensee Professional Standards

The Real Estate Act
Licensee Responsibilities and Prohibitions Under The Rules Which Apply to All Industries
Licensee Responsibilities and Prohibitions Under The Rules Which Apply Specifically to Condominium Management
Basic Obligations of a Licensee to a Condominium Corporation
Unlicensed Assistants
Reporting Practices
Record Keeping and Conversion Requirements
Financial Reporting and Trust Account Obligations
Professional Standards Programs

Chapter 4: Relationships and the Law of Agency

Agent’s Appointment and Authority
The Condominium Manager’s Agency Contract
The Common Law Duties of the Agent to the Principal
The Fiduciary Duties of the Agent to the Principal
The Duties of the Principal to the Agent
Relationship Between the Agent and the Third Party
Termination of Representation Relationships

Chapter 5: Ethics, Professionalism, and Licensee Risk Reduction

Why Study Professional Ethics?
What are Professional Ethics?
Duty to Uphold the Law
Duty to Client in Providing Condominium Management Services
Financial Issues and Relations with Clients, Owners and Occupants
Disagreements with the Board
Issues with Occupants and Owner Complaints
Duty to the Profession

Chapter 6: Effective Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

Defining Effective Negotiations
Approaches to Negotiation
Communication Principles
Conflict Resolution for the Condominium Manager
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 7: Privacy and Confidentiality

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (“OIPC”)
Personal Information
Privacy Principles
Privacy and Confidentiality
Privacy Concerns
Privacy Policies and Privacy Officers
Disposing of Personal Information
Condominium Manager’s Role

Chapter 8: Contract Law

The Requirement For Writing – The Statute of Frauds
Essential Elements of a Contract
Electronic Contracts and Signatures
Contractual Terms
Addenda and Amendments
Privity of Contract
Best Practices When Creating and Reviewing Contracts
Termination or Discharge of Contracts
Remedies for Breach of Contract

Chapter 9: Real Property Law

Real Property Ownership
Subdivided Land and Land Controls under the Municipal Government Act
Introduction to Commercial and Residential Tenancies

Chapter 10: Land Registration in Alberta

Title Registration in Alberta
The Torrens System of Land Registration
Land Titles Office
Land Titles Search
Registered Interests in Land
Common Items Appearing on Title
Registered Interests with Priority

Chapter 11: Building Design and Construction

Architectural Information
Building Design and Construction Fundamentals
Construction Methods
Building Systems
Interior Finishes
Building Design Concepts
Property-Specific Considerations
Green Housing: Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Real Estate