Course Description and Outline

CPD 154: Business Strategy: Managing a Profitable Real Estate Business

Pre-requisite: this course is an introductory overview and has no prior studies required.

Course Outline

FOREWORD: Introduction to Professional Development Courses

LESSON 1: Business Strategy

  • Instructor's Comments
    • Introduction to Business Strategy
    • Defining Strategy
    • The Role of Strategy
    • Effective Strategies
    • Matching Resources
    • Analyzing the Business Environment
    • Selecting a Strategy
    • Writing a Strategy Statement
    • Types of Strategy
    • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Competitive Advantage
    • The Competitive Advantage, Defined
    • Types of Competitive Advantages
    • Competitive Advantages and Sustainability
    • Defining the Competitive Landscape
  • Change Management
  • The Changing Competitive Landscape of Real Estate Services
    • PESTI Analysis for Real Estate Services
    • Tomorrow's Real Estate Services
    • Success Factors for Real Estate Services
  • Summary

Course Description

This course discusses various theoretical business strategies, explaining different types of strategies that may be applicable to a real estate services businesses and examining how a business should select and apply a suitable strategy. The concept of the competitive advantage - which is the driving force of a business' sustained success - is explored in detail, and students will discover the elements needed to establish a unique business idea that is valued by customers. The final topic discussed is change management, which considers the steps needed to incorporate new ideas to a business in improve the likelihood of acceptance and application of the proposed change.

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