Course Description and Outline

CPD 152: Financial Analysis with Excel

Pre-requisite: CPD 151, BUSI 121, or an equivalent background in the mathematics of financial analysis as it relates to real estate.

This two lesson course outlines how the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program may be used to structure and solve real estate financial analysis problems. The course begins with an orientation to Microsoft Excel, outlining its features and financial analysis functions. The second lesson illustrates how to structure spreadsheets to answer complex real estate scenarios, such as discounted cash flow investment analysis and reserve fund studies. The course will emphasize the use of dynamic spreadsheet analysis to facilitate "what if" scenario testing.

  • LESSON 1: Introduction to Excel – Orientation and Tools
    Instructor's Comments
    Introduction to Spreadsheets
    Excel Formulas (Functions)
    Additional Tips and Tricks for Better Use of Excel
    Review and Discussion Questions

  • LESSON 2: Financial Applications of Excel
    Instructor's Comments
    Amortization Schedule
    Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
    Reserve Fund Planning
    Review and Discussion Questions

  • AFTERWORD: The Final Quiz

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