Course Description and Outline

CPD 122: Expropriation Valuation

Pre-requisite: Recommend BUSI 330 and BUSI 331, or a thorough understanding of the three approaches to value.

This course provides a working knowledge of expropriation concepts, the legislation and court precedents governing expropriation, and the techniques appraisers apply when carrying out expropriation assignments.

Course Outline

FOREWORD: Introduction to Professional Development Courses

LESSON 1: Expropriation Valuation

  • Instructor's Comments
  • Valuation and Compensation
  • Concepts Under Expropriation
  • CUSPAP and Expropriation
  • CUSPAP and Expropriation
  • Appraisal Due Diligence — A Partial Taking
  • What Rights Are Taken — What Rights Are Left?
  • Factors Offsetting Compensation
  • Case Study 1: Larger Parcel and Compensation for Partial Taking
  • Case Study 2: Land Compensation Reports Case Review
  • Review and Discussion Questions


  • Excerpt from Real Estate Appraising in Canada
  • Land Compensation Reports Sample Case/Record of Decision
  • Selected Cases and Land Compensation Reports
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada Guideline on Expropriation Appraisals
  • Land Compensation Reports Sample Case/Record of Decision


  • The Final Examination

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