Course Description and Outline

CPD 110: Creative Critical Thinking: Advancing Appraisal to Stategic Advising

Pre-requisite: None.

These three lessons provide an introduction to the conceptual foundations underlying consulting and advisory services related to real estate. Students will learn how to: critically analyze the context for real estate problems, creating an effective foundation for further in-depth analysis of issues; effectively apply traditional and online research skills; identify risk and describe how it can be managed in real estate decisions; and develop the "meta-skills" necessary to succeed in the real estate service supply chain.

Course Outline

FOREWORD - Introduction to Professional Development Courses

LESSON 1: Critical Analysis

  • Beyond Traditional Roles — Serving Client Needs
  • Meta-Skills
  • The "Real Estate Entrepreneur"
  • Creative Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Elements of Critical Thinking
  • Universal Intellectual Standards and Quality of Thought
  • How Mental Models Influence Our Thinking and Decision Making
  • Mental Models and Ladders of Inference
  • Applying Critical Thinking Skills Effectively
  • Making the "Right" Decision
  • Creative Critical Thinking in Application

LESSON 2: Research Methods

  • Introduction: Research and BUSI 460
  • Research and Real Estate Analysis
  • Practical Applications of Real Estate Research
  • The Research Process
  • Executing the Research Plan

LESSON 3: Risk Analysis and Learning from Auditing Experience

  • Risk Management in Real Estate Decision Making
  • Identifying and Accounting for Clients' Risk Tolerance
  • The Risk Management Process
  • A Risk Model
  • Risk Models and the Risk Management Process
  • Learning from Experience


  • The final examination

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