Course Description and Outline

CPD 108: Seniors Housing

Pre-requisite: Students will benefit from a thorough understanding of the theory and application of the three appraisal approaches, in particular the income approach. Recommend BUSI 330/331 or CPD 130/131.This course examines the valuation of seniors housing and health care facilities. The lesson offers an overview of the specialized data and specific techniques needed in valuing this specialized property type.

Course Outline

FOREWORD: Introduction to Professional Development Courses

LESSON 1: Seniors Housing Overview

  • Instructor's Comments
  • Seniors Housing: Industry Overview and Trends
    • Types of Seniors Housing
    • Demographics and Behavioural Influences
    • Business Considerations for Seniors Housing
    • Government Policy and Legal Considerations
  • Development Considerations with Seniors Housing
    • Conceptualization, Planning, and Initiation
    • Feasibility Phase
    • Commitment Phase: Go / No Go
    • Design and Construction Phase
    • Management and Operation
  • Valuation Issues
    • Identifying and Evaluating Property Attributes
    • Highest and Best Use
    • Cost Approach
    • Direct Comparison Approach (DCA)
    • Income Approach
    • Business Value and Allocation of Component Values
  • Appendix: Summary of Legislation and Relevant Provisions for Seniors Housing by Province
  • Appendix: Summary of Staffing Requirements for Seniors Housing by Province Provisions for Seniors Housing by Province

LESSON 2: Seniors Housing Case Studies

  • Instructor's Comments
  • Seniors Housing Case Studies
    • Case Study 2.1: Demographic Analysis for Seniors Housing
    • Case Study 2.2: Feasibility Analysis for Proposed Seniors Housing Development
    • Case Study 2.3: Seniors Housing Assessment Appeal


  • The Final Quiz

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