CWL Sign Up and Library Access

Real Estate Division Credit Program students require a Campus Wide Login (CWL) in order to access online exams and the online resources of the UBC library.

In order to obtain a Student CWL, you will need to know your 8-digit UBC Student Number/ID (not your 7-digit Real Estate Division student number), which you can find on your program acceptance letter you received when you first registered with the Real Estate Division. You can also click on Student Profile on your Course Resources webpage to find your 8-digit UBC ID.

sign up for CWL get a UBCcard use UBC Library resources
Sign up for a CWL   Use Online Library Resources  

sign up for CWL Sign up for a Campus-Wide-Login (CWL) (skip this if you already have a CWL)

 Sign up for a CWL Standard Account

You'll need:
  • Your 8-digit UBC ID (Student Number, see above)
  • Your Student Service Centre password (by default, this is your date of birth in YYMMDD format)
  • Select the "Student & Alumni" category
Where to find help:
For Online Exams only: if you have difficulty signing up for a Student CWL, you may instead select a Basic CWL Account in Step 2. This does not require a UBC Student Number (note this does not allow for UBC Library Access or SPSS software downloads)

use UBC Library resources Use UBC Library Resources

You are now ready to access UBC Library's online resources. See the "Open Athens" page for more information.

 Main UBC library page - use the search box at the top left of the page
 Search UBC library collections - an alternative way to search for resources
 David Lam Library - Business-related online databases
 UBC Library - Real Estate Research Guide

You'll need:
  • CWL and password
Where to find help:

Note: If you need to print library materials sent by email to you, you will have to obtain a UBCcard (see below) and register with the UBC Extension Library. Click here to register.

If you have administrative questions, please email us at

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