Student Login to Registration and Course Resources

This page is the entryway to course registration and the online resources available to students in Real Estate Division courses.

Once you become a student with the Real Estate Division, the following resources will be available to you:

Course Registration
Student who have been admitted to one of the Real Estate Division's Programs may register for courses.

Assignment Submission
All multiple choice assignments can be submitted via the online Assignment Submission page.

Assignment Answer Guides
Online assignment answer guides are available for most of the Real Estate Division's courses. When an assignment has been received, a corresponding online answer guide will become accessible.

Assignment History
Students can view each of their assignment submissions to see when the assignment was received and what grade they earned. The Assignment History information is available to students in real time; that is, as soon as we receive the grades, they are available for students to view.

Frequently Asked Questions
Students with questions regarding the administration or content of their course can check here first to see if they have already been answered.

Contacting a Tutor
The Real Estate Division operates a tutorial service that can be contacted by telephone or email. Tutors provide personalized help with understanding the topics presented in the course materials.

Student Contact Lists
These lists are designed to assist students in making contact with other students registered in the same course who have also signed up for the list. This will be valuable in helping students meet their classmates in order to establish informal study groups and to establish relationships with other real estate practitioners.

Employer and Professional Organizations Lists
The Real Estate Division also makes a list of participating students available to potential employers as well as to the professional organizations such as the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia (REIBC), the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) and the Urban Development Institute (UDI), etc. These organizations often issue a mailing directly to groups of students in the Real Estate Division's programs.

Course History and Exam Location
Students can view their Course History, final course grade, and the location of their final exam.

Course Evaluation Form
Student's opinions are important to us. At the end of a course, students may use this feature to provide us with feedback.

Web Site Feedback
If you have a comment on any of these features or a suggestion for additional web site features please email us at