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Online Cost Calculations and Sample Worksheet (Commercial)

Students may choose any costing service that adequately fulfils the course requirements.  These requirements include the following:

  • A nationally-recognized costing manual/service: i.e., not a strictly regional service, includes all major Canadian cities.

  • Provides replacement or reproduction cost on a per square foot basis or unit-in-place basis (a more complex quantity survey is acceptable, but optional).

  • Provides for specific locations and date, OR student must research and apply the necessary multipliers.

Examples of providers of cost services that may be adequate:

  • Marshall & Swift/Boeckh: SwiftEstimator. Online building cost estimates, for a fee (starting at $19/month for 10 Property Details Reports)

  • RS Means Construction Data. Cost manuals and an online cost estimating data. Free 7 day trial and student pricing available).

  • Saylor Publication (Cost Estimating). Cost manuals; provides sample online cost estimates for residential buildings and 65 types of commercial buildings, with location multipliers for Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal. 

Commercial Property Inspection Worksheet: (SwiftEstimator): Students are recommended to use a worksheet to assist with inspecting and itemizing building attributes. By using a worksheet during the inspection you will be more likely to gather the correct construction and servicing information necessary for costing the improvements. Once all of this data is gathered, it is then entered into the online estimating program which will provide a building cost estimate suitable for appraisal purposes.