Table of Contents

Real Estate Development

Whitehead, Jim. 2019. Real Estate Development. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.
  • Chapter 1: Real Estate Development Overview
    An Urban Systems View of Development
    The Real Estate Development Industry
    Managing the Development Process
  • Chapter 2: Economic Forces and Trends in Real Estate Development
    Key Demand Factors
    The Pattern of Land Supply
    Business Fluctuations
    Trends in Real Estate Development
  • Chapter 3: Forces Shaping Real Estate Development: Political and Government
    How Government Influences Real Estate Development
    Local Political Forces Affecting Development
    Important Emerging Techniques for Managing Growth
    Planning Legislation
  • Chapter 4: Analysis of Development Potential
    Development Planning: Purpose and Method
    Development Research
    Market Analysis
    Neighbourhood Analysis
    Location Analysis
    Site Analysis
    Political Analysis
  • Chapter 5: Land Acquisition
    Introduction to Land Acquisition
    Acquisition Strategy
    Example of an Offer to Purchase
    Appendix: Acquisitions Issues
  • Chapter 6: Urban Planning and Design
    Importance of Planning and Design
    A Critique of Contemporary Development
    Urban Design Principles
    The Planning and Urban Design Process
    Planning and Design Process: Large Developments
    Planning and Design Process: Small Developments
  • Chapter 7: Introduction to Economic Feasibility Studies
    Types of Feasibility Studies
    Feasibility Studies: Uses, Investment Objectives, and Risk
    Project Evaluation: Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Chapter 8: Economic Feasibility Analysis
    The Pro Forma Budget
    Project Cash Flow
    Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
    Project Evaluation
  • Chapter 9: Development Approval Process
    The Ground Rules Change
    The Six Approval Processes
    The Dynamics of the Approval Process
  • Chapter 10: Introduction to Development Finance
    The Marriage of Finance and Real Estate
    Real Estate Equity Investments
    Real Estate Debt Market
    Underwriting the Financing
    Appendix A: Project Financing Underwriting Process � Case Studies
    Appendix B: Terms and Conditions to Qualify for Mortgage Insurance
  • Chapter 11: Financing Development
    The Land Development Process
    Development Financing
    The Interim Loan
    Alternative Development Financing Arrangements
    Sources of Development Financing
  • Chapter 12: Project Management in Construction
    Managing Development and Construction
    The Project Life Cycle and Construction Management
    Project Management
    Decisions About Design
    Organizing the Project
    Approaches to Project Construction
    Selecting the Contractor
    Construction Contracts
    Key Tasks in Land and Building Development
    The Changing Environment in the Construction Industry
    Project Risk
    Attributes of the Successful Project
    Attributes of the Unsuccessful Project
  • Chapter 13: Marketing and Sales
    From Marketing to Sales: An Overview
    Public Relations
    The Selling Process
    Accounting for Sales
    Different Approaches to Marketing Real Estate Projects
  • Chapter 14: Strategic Decision Making
    Corporate Strategy
    Commentary on Corporate Strategies of Western Developers in the 1978-82 Property Boom and Bust
    Sources of Error in Strategic Decision Making
    Developer Behaviour During Business Cycles
    Commentary on Sources of Strategic Decision Error

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