Table of Contents

Russo, J., Schoemaker, P. 2002. Winning Decisions: Getting it right the first time. Currency/Doubleday: New York
  • Introduction: Decision-Making in the Real World
    • Chapter 1: Setting the Course
  • Phase I: Decision-Framing
    • Chapter 2 The Power of Frames
    • Chapter 3 Creating Winning Frames
    • Interlude A: Improving Your Options
  • Phase II Gathering Intelligence
    • Chapter 4 Avoiding Distortion and Bias
    • Chapter 5 Intelligence in the Face of Uncertainty
    • Interlude B: Technologies for Aiding Decisions
  • Phase III Coming to Conclusions
    • Chapter 6 Choosing: A Pyramid of Approaches
    • Chapter 7 Managing Group Decisions
    • Interlude C: Implementing Your Chosen Option
  • Phase IV Learning from Experience
    • Chapter 8 The Personal Challenges of Learning
    • Chapter 9 Learning in Organizations
    • Chapter 10 Bringing It All Home: The Decisions of
    • Epilogue: Learning into Action
    • App. A Decision Audits
    • App. B Organizational Challenges in Decision-Making
    • Notes
    • Index

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