Table of Contents

BUSI 441 - Residential Property Management

UBC Real Estate Division. 2019. Residential Property Management. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Residential Property Management
    Land Ownership
    Characteristics of Real Property
    Types of Residential Property
    Historic Origins of Property Management
    Property Management as a Profession
    Property Management Service Agreements
    Appendix 1.1: Agency Agreement Example

  • Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Law
    Introduction to Canadian Law
    Management Contracts
    External Contracts
    Tort Law
    Condominium Law

  • Chapter 3: Professional Ethics
    Professional Ethics
    Protection of Personal Information
    Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

  • Chapter 4: Negotiations and Dispute Resolution
    Defining Effective Negotiations
    Approaches to Negotiation
    Communication Principles
    Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Chapter 5: Financial Statements
    Financial Reporting
    Financial Statements
    Appendix 5.1: Sample Balance Sheet and Income Statement for an Income Producing Property

  • Chapter 6: Budgeting for Condominium and Rental Properties
    Purposes of Budgeting
    Types of Budgets
    Operating Budget
    Capital Budget
    Setting the Budget in a Rental Property
    Setting the Budget in a Condominium Property
    Appendix 6.1: Tenant Roll Form
    Appendix 6.2: Tenant Arrears Report Form
    Appendix 6.3: Example of Tenant Ledger
    Appendix 6.4: Statement of Maintenance Fees (Status Report) – for the month of (current month)
    Appendix 6.5: Maintenance Fee Delinquency Report – as of (current date)

  • Chapter 7: Fund Accounting and Taxation
    Principles of Fund Accounting
    Operating Fund
    Contingency Reserve Fund
    Special Levies
    Depreciation Reports
    Property Taxes

  • Chapter 8: Building Design and Construction
    Multi-Family Building Design
    Multi-Family Building Construction
    Building Systems
    Interior and Exterior Finishes
    Inspecting Multi-Family Properties
    Green Housing: Energy Efficient and Sustainable Real Estate

  • Chapter 9: Controls and Maintenance
    Taking Over a Property
    Building Maintenance and Repairs
    Minimizing Operating Expenses

  • Chapter 10: Security, Environmental Protection, and Hazardous Materials
    Developing a Security and Safety Program
    Disaster Precautions
    Building Security
    Environmental Law and Property Management
    Workplace Hazardous Materials and Products

  • Chapter 11: Purchasing
    Strategic Procurement: An Overview

  • Chapter 12: Insurance and Risk Management
    Risk Management..

  • Chapter 13: Personnel Management
    Legal Environment
    Job Analysis
    Selection Process
    Performance Appraisal

  • Chapter 14: Marketing and Leasing Residential Properties
    Market Research
    Marketing the Property
    Tenancy Agreements
    Appendix 14.1: Sample Residential Tenancy Agreement

  • Chapter 15: Condominium Governance
    General Meetings of Owners
    Electing the Condominium Board
    Meeting Minutes
    Condominium Board Meetings