Table of Contents

Real Property Law

UBC Real Estate Division. 2017. Real Property Law. Vancouver, BC: UBC Real Estate Division.

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction: Canada's Legal System and Real Estate Industry
    Historical Overview
    Sources Of Law
    Classification Of The Law
    Structure Of The Courts
    A Civil Law Suit
    Finding And Reading The Law
    Organization and Regulation of the Real Estate Industry
    The Appraisal Profession

  • Chapter 2 - Estates and Interests in Land
    Introduction: Classification of the Law
    The Concept Of Ownership
    Estates In Land
    Interests In Land Less Than Estates
    Co-ownership Of Interests In Land
    What Rights Does Land Ownership Include?

  • Chapter 3 - Contract Law
    The Formation of a Contract
    Elements Affecting the Validity of a Contract
    Interpretation Of Terms

  • Chapter 4 - Land Registration and Land Title Office Procedure
    Common Law Conveyancing
    The Registry (or Recording) System
    The Torrens (or Land Title) System
    Administration of Land in Canadian Torrens System Jurisdictions
    The Fee Simple
    Registration of Charges
    The Assurance Fund
    Registration And Transfer Of Interests In Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

  • Chapter 5 - Land Ownership and Tort Liability
    Liability of an Occupier
    Strict Liability

  • Chapter 6: Real Property Transactions and Agency Law
    What is an Agent?
    Creating The Agency Relationship
    Duties And Obligations of the Real Estate Agent
    Types of Real Estate Listing Agreements
    Information Required for a Listing Contratc
    Formal Requirements of Listing/Agency Agreements
    The Contract of Purchase and Sale

  • Chapter 7 - Mortgage Law
    Introduction To Mortgage Law
    Common Law (Legal) And Equitable Mortgages
    Freehold versus Leasehold Mortgages
    Implied Terms Of A Mortgage
    Express Terms Of A Mortgage
    Special Types Of Mortgages
    Federal Legislation Affecting Mortgages
    Provincial Legislation Affecting Mortgages
    Legal Restrictions on Mortgages
    Assignment Of The Mortgage
    Assumption Of The Mortgage
    Mortgage Priority
    Statutory Priorities
    Lenders' Remedies
    Agreements For Sale

  • Chapter 8 - Commercial and Residential Tenancies
    The Nature of the Lease Relationship
    Commercial Tenancies
    Residential Tenancies

  • Chapter 9 - Condominium Law
    Uses And Types Of Strata Lots
    Creation Of A Strata Lot
    The Strata Corporation
    The Strata Council
    Bylaws, Rules And Regulations
    The Strata Lot Owner
    The Purchaser
    Leasehold Strata Plans
    Appendix 9.1: Sample Excerpts from Strata Plans
    Appendix 9.2: Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF)

  • Chapter 10 - Legal and Ethical Standards for Real Estate Professionals
    Provincial Legislation and Real Estate Licensees
    Provincial Legislation and Real Estate Appraisers
    Penalties for Breach of Provincial Legislation
    The Competitive Act
    Professional Ethics and Voluntary Standards

  • Table of Cases

  • Glossary

  • Index